It has been a while since I have shot a bow and arrow.  The two A’s (age and arthritis) cause me to avoid doing much shooting after some 40-years of bowhunting.

Due to some vision problems, I have never been able to focus on a sight pin and also the target.  Therefore I always shoot “instinctive’.  Then I met Mitchell Schmitz of Extreme Outdoor Products of MS Inc.  We met at the annual POMA (Professional Outdoor Media Association) business meeting in MS.

Mitchell has invented a bow sight for compound bows that eliminates wrist torque and the need for peep sights and kisser buttons.  It allows you to shoot your bow like a rifle.

With this sight on the bow, archers have a dead on consistent anchor point because of the need to align two pins.  For those who have eye dominant problems the sight allows one to shoot any bow right or left handed accurately.  For instance, a right-handed shooter can still shoot right-handed even though he is left-eye dominant.

In low-light situations this sight it out performs the peep sight.  Not having a kisser and/or peep sight on the string increases arrow speed.  You are able to shoot tighter groups more quickly.

The sight allows several archers to use the same bow accurately regardless of draw length.  You align two pins.

Made of aluminum with steel pins, the sight fits most bows and comes in camo or anodized colors.  It has graduated settings for easy fine tuning adjustment.

For more information about this sight contact Extreme Outdoor Products at 601-833-5395 or visit their website at http://www.extremeop.com.


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