This is not what I planned for today’s entry.  However, an article in the local newspaper caused me to re-think my plans.

The article was about a burglary ring in a town near here that was using Facebook to plan their jobs.

I guess things that I just take for granted do on occur to most people.  After all I spent 30 years interviewing criminals in the world’s largest court system.  In that time, I learned a lot about how criminals think and plan.  Facebook and other on-line forums have often proven to be great tools for burglars.  They use them to tell when someone is not home, when they have valuables in the home un-protected, etc.

Here are some tips that I use to protect my property from these dirt bags.

1.  I subscribe to a security system that monitors the house and grounds all year around.  I do not post a sign saying I have the system as that only alerts the criminals to look for the sensors and cameras.  I also have an internet system of video cameras and software that allows me to monitor the grounds and home for intruders or any potential damage from weather of fire.  I just pull up the site on the internet with my lap top while I am on the road.  I also use the new trail cams so that anyone on the property will be photographed and have to explain their presence later.

2.  When I am going to be away, all valuables including guns are stored off site with friends and relatives.  When I am home, my S&W .460 pistol is close at hand for protection.

3.  My neighbors on all sides have a copy of my itinerary when I am on the road.  They know when I leave for a trip and when I should be back.  They also know how to reach me in case of an emergency.

4.  While on Facebook or here on my blog, I do not mention my physical presence.  I never say where I am going, how long I will be gone, or when I will return.  I do not mention that I am in progress toward a certain destination.  Plenty of time for that after I return.  I also continue to add my blog entries as is my usual schedule.

5.  Finally, I sometimes hire (or beg) someone to “house sit” my place while I am gone.

I hope that maybe these ideas might help some of you to avoid the heartbreak of a burglary.  Just use common sense.


Posted 07/18/2012 by Donald Gasaway in Shooting


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  1. Great advice Don.

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