Watching trick shooters like Patrick Flannigan blaze away at clay targets, cans, and vegetables one cannot help but be impressed at the speed of the modern day autoloader. 

There was once a time when trick shooters with a pump shotgun could actually out perform the autoloader.  Auto loaders have caught up and surpassed the pump gun.  The reliability of the autoloader is now so good that many shooters have moved to them. 

A number of competitive shooters have been using auto loaders.  Partly it is because of less recoil.  The main attraction is that some of them are more comfortable with the guns.  The less recoil is a lot of it.  You do get on the target faster because you do not have the recoil knocking you off the line of sight.  You get quicker second target acquisition. 

It does not knock you off the target as badly as you are with a pump or over and under shotgun.  In addition, if a person has an auto loader that he hunts with, he can just go and shoot sporting clays.  There is no need to have a special gun to shoot sporting clays. 

The original tenant of sporting clays has been to make it more of a hunting type of game.  You just take the gun that you go hunting with and practice.  It is perfect practice for hunting season because of the varied shots, varied distances and angles.  They even name the target stands for hunting situations. 

As the reliability of autoloaders is getting better and better, some will shoot a variety of shells from light target loads up to magnum loads.  That benefits the average shooter.  He can take the gun he uses for a bird hunt, or waterfowl hunt to shoot targets and really get to know the gun.  He shoots a lot better because of the practice. 

Some shooters will load the gun with different loads for the second shot.  For the most part good shooters just shoot the same load on everything.  Some people will change loads it in a station with a 35 or 40 yard crossing shot.  Most people will change their lead rather than change the load.  If it is a hard crossing shot situation they will just give it more lead.  It is a little hard for you mind to figure out the lead.  The better shooters are more consistent with the same load.  The subconscious takes over when the shooter sees a bird going across his line of vision.  The shooter will subconsciously know how much to lead it to break the target. 

Popular exhibition shooters now show the reliability of a gun.  Some will shoot two cases of shells getting the barrel so hot that they have to pour water down it to cool it down.  Despite the stress to the gun, it never malfunctions at all.  That is reliability.  Additionally, the guns they use inspire other shooters to want to shoot autoloaders. 

In terms of fit, there are a number of shotguns out there and a lot of them come with extra spacers and that sort of thing in the stock.  They allow shooters to change the spacers and get it a better fit.  The spacers change the height of the comb or the length of pull a little bit.  These factors are just a few of the enhancements of the autoloader that has led to its popularity with shotgun shooters.



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  1. Loves me my Super Vinci… use it for everything. Always works…

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