An estimated 30,000 people will flood onto the campus of John A Logan College, Carterville, Illinois over September 22 and 23.  National Hunting & Fishing Day is a national holiday.  There are many celebrations held across the nation.  None is as large as the one at John A. Logan College.  The purpose of the event since its inception has been to introduce the public to the outdoor experience and the ethics that goes with it.  Admission and parking are free. 

The huge crowds the Silver Anniversary (25th annual) means the two hundred plus vendors will present everything from food to hunting and fishing equipment for sale.  Additional vendor space will be available this year.  Each year the vendor space expands due to increased demand.  For information about vendor space, both in the tents and in college buildings contact Ron Allen at 217-725-7602 (cell), 217-787-8862 (home) or by email at

In honor of the 25th year, fifty limited edition, engraved and numbered Daisy BB guns are available of purchase.  Profits will benefit the Hunting & Fishing Days celebration.  Ordering them early to secure a low number.  To order one or more contact Dwight Hoffard (618-985-2828 extension 8208) at the college. 

Fishing activities include the popular King Catfish Contest weight-in on Saturday morning.  Fishing experts on a variety of species will present seminars for anglers from all levels of expertise.  On Saturday afternoon, the weigh-in for the High School Team Bass fishing contest with some 40 area high school teams. 

A myriad of dog demonstrations include retrievers, foxhounds, coon dogs and pointing dogs.  Other dogs include search and rescue dogs, agility dogs, and dock dogs. 

The “dock dogs” display is one of the most interesting to visitors.  There is a competition by the “pros” for the longest distance covered by a jumping dog and in between contests, other dog-handlers can train their dogs in the sport. 

Popular activities in the Kids Village sponsored by McDonald’s restaurants of southern Illinois include such things as fishing, nature seminars, BB gun shooting, and archery shooting.  Children fish for stocked fish in the campus pond and win prizes such as bicycles.  

Another popular activity at National Hunting & Fishing Days is a variety of waterfowl calling contests.  Held each year they attract callers from across the nation to compete with the best of the best. 

The Don Gasaway Youth Goose Calling contest, The Tim Grounds Open and the Illinois State(meat) Duck Calling Championship are held in the campus auditorium.  There may also be a novice goose calling contest if a sponsor is located. 

Archers are going to shoot in a field archery course set up on the campus.  Another shooting area will specialize in clay target shooting. 

Successful whitetail hunters can bring their mounted heads or antlers in for scoring by official measurers for record book inclusion.  Scoring will be by the Southern Illinois Buckmasters and will include both archery and firearms record books.  A display of the mounts is popular with the public viewers.  A special highlight this year is the appearance of the full body mount of “Ginormica” the 31-point Williamson County deer taken last fall. 

Artists, taxidermists, and other artisans display their work in the campus gym.  Food venders are available across the campus. 

Make plans now to attend the 25th Anniversary of the Southern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days September 22 -23, 2012.  You and your children do not want to miss this one.



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