Vicious Fishing Line company has a new convert after last Monday.  

Anyone who has fished with me generally finds I am a big fan of monofilament line, especially the clear stuff.  Last Monday I took to the water at Rend Lake with guide Kyle Schoenherr ( in search of some spawning crappie in the buck brush and bushes.  Kyle uses BnM poles and reels spooled with Vicious Fishing Line.  This line was different. 

Kyle was using the company’s braided line.  It is 20-pound test, which is equivalent in size to 6-pound mono.  There was not the stretch experienced with mono either.  

Fishing flooded bushes of Rend Lake this time of year is tough on tackle.  One is  bound to lose a lot of hooks and other terminal tackle.  The brushy shoreline of the lake is thick with tangles of limbs and root systems that try the patience of the most ardent angler.  To fish this mess for 6 hours and not lose a single hook or float boggles the mind.   We did it.

The lake level is down and the fish are really in shallow.  It requires a minnow rigged on a hook that was about 12-inches below a slip bobber.  Between the bobber and the hook is a small bead to protect the knot on the hook.  Above that are a slightly larger bright green bead as an attractant and two split shots to aid in achieving neutral buoyancy. 

With all that on such a short bit of line, one would think tangles are a problem.  None was experienced.  Snagged, line was simply jerked out of the brush with no broken line or lost terminal tackle.  A few minnows were lost but not as many as one would expect. 

The lack of broken line or knots under such conditions is amazing.  We just kept dipping the line in those openings in the brush and catch crappie.  Also catching bass and bluegill with the same rig adds to a very fun day on the water.



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