Regular followers of this blog may have noticed that I have been missing in action for the past two weeks.  That is because I have been on a road trip of hunting, fishing and visiting with my friends in the media.

 This trip will produce a number of blog entries and magazine articles in the following months beginning with this tidbit from the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association in Branson,MO.

 I ran into friend Tammy Sapp from Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc.  The company provides official recreational safety and educational materials for all 50 states.

 In talking about the upcoming waterfowl seasons I happened to mention the problems I have always had in identifying incoming ducks.  I have always admired others ability to spot and identify birds from much greater distances.  Tammy produced a small pocket size booklet entitled, “Ducks at a Distance.”

 The book is a handy pocket guide to waterfowl identification according to plumage color, flock patterns, silhouette and sounds.  It is set up for quick reference by the hunter.  It will be in the pocket of my hunting coat this season.

 The book cost is $3.50 and it can be purchase on line from the Kalkomey website at  Just click on the subject line of waterfowl guides on the right side of the home page.

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