Fall comes later to southern Illinois but it is still a great time of the year.  The trees begin to change colors weeks after they have fallen to the ground in the northern part of the state.  Chilly nights give way to a hot clear sky during the day.  Fall is a study of contrasts for the hunter and angler.

 Crappie fishing is terrific onRend Lake during the fall.  Although the weather determines how long into the winter the fishing continues, anglers willing to brave cool temperatures continue through the fall.

 Rend Lake is a reservoir located on Interstate 57 about 5 hours south of Chicago.  To get to the Rend Lake Resort with its marina one exits at Highway 154 east and proceeds to the entrance of Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.  Proceed north to the end of the road in the resort complex.

 The fourth quarter of the year in southernIllinoisis a great combination time in the Rend Lake area.  There is archery deer season beginning the first of October and fishing action continues.  By the third week in November the duck season begins and still the fishing continues.

 Fishing into December is not unusual.  The main focus is waterfowl hunting and the firearms deer seasons.  In early November hunters enjoy rabbit and quail hunting as Upland Game seasons open.

 The quail hunting is for wild birds.  Rabbit hunting is done with Beagles. If you have never experienced the beagle hunt is it worth doing just to see those little dogs in action.  There is commotion everywhere and it is just a fun thing to do.

Fall is actually a great time of the year for the outdoorsman.  He can pretty well do it all.

 Fisherman need not necessary to get out on the water as early as might be the case in the late summer.  In the fall one can usually have breakfast and get on the water by about 8 o’clock in the morning.

 Deer hunting can be done on both public and private land.  The ample public land available in southern Illinois provides many deer hunting chances. Private land hunts are often managed for quality deer hunting and clients enjoy some pretty spectacular results.

 For information about the hunting and fishing packages offered check with Rend Lake Resort at 800-633-3341 or contact Todd Gessner at 618-513-0520.



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