Dropshotting is a basic yet effective technique for those days when the sun is high and the fish have lockjaw.

Fishermen who like to pursue lunker panfish during the warm summer months can find them in the many ponds and lakes of the midwest. Where there is water there are panfish.

Dropshotting is a light-line finesse presentation also known as controlled depth fishing.

It is particularly effective with light line regardless the type of rod and reel combination. For flooded brush fishing a long rod with four to 6 pound line is recommended. In jigging situations from boats stationed over a brush pile shorter rods can be used.

In rigging the line you tie a Palomar knot in the line about 18 inches from the end with a very long tag end.

To the end of line (on the tag end) attach a sinker. This can be a split shot sinker. Tie a small overhand knot to the very end. It helps to keep the sinker from slipping off the end when caught in brush or rocks.

A piece of nightcrawler is threaded onto the hook. When the line is dropped into the water the worm and hook float above the sinker. Thus as the rod tip is moved, the action is applied to the bait not the sinker.

This rig can be cast, jigged or drifted. The key is to not move quickly. Wiggle the bait rather than jerk it. Cast out and let the bait sink. Watch the line float, twitch it and the watch it float. Give it a shake occasionally which will cause the worm to twitch.

Bluegills relate to vertical structure such as sticks, trees and other vegetation in the water. Sunfish tend to relate to horizontal structure in the water. On hot, sunny days they will seek out areas shaded from overhead light. This can be under docks or a tree hanging over the water.

Fishing for these members of the sunfish family is a great way to introduce children to the sport as well as provide some tasty eating for the family table.

The bluegill and sunfish action is usually great all summer. One can get up to date site specific information by calling the fishing hotlines and checking the fishing reports of various newspapers in the area you plan to fish.



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