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Perhaps the most significant fault in hunting preparation is the lack of practice on the range before opening day. We often assume that since the gun shot OK last season it will do the same this year.

That may or may not be true. Will you shoot as well after nearly a year away from the range? Not likely. We all need practice as well as to sight in the scope equipped rifle and shot gun. Besides it can be the source of a lot of enjoyment.

Punching paper is fun and can be a source of frustration at longer ranges. When shooting 50 to 100 yard targets you often have to use a spotting scope or binoculars to verify bullet placement. This is especially true with those of us with vision problems.

A great development in targets is the Caldwell Orange Peel Target. The black surface of the target flakes off on impact to show a green ring around the bullet hole. This occurs outside of the bull’s-eye as well as in it. The orange part of the target also flakes off and reveals a white ring. This makes scoring marginal shots easier. The targets have an adhesive back making them easy to stick up at the range without the use of tacks, nails or tape.

The bright colors make a hit stick out like a sore thumb making observation easier even without the use of optics even at long distances.

The instant range kits on the market from Caldwell provide the shooter with all he needs for practice. Each kit has a pair of clear lens shooting glasses for safety, ear plugs for hearing protection, orange peel targets, target wires to set a target backer in the ground and some target “pasters” to cover holes for more use from each target.

Birchwood Casey has a similar line of targets called Big Burst Targets. They show the bullet hits instantly in a high visibility white ring. It shows the hits from border to border so even a marginal hit is visible. Targets that have not been hit provide an orange and black color surface. Against this backdrop the white ring of a bullet hit stands out.

The Birchwood Casey targets are also self-adhesive so as to make an easy set-up. They come in a variety of sizes from 3-inch diameters to 12-inch sight-in models.

All of these targets provide shooters with easy viewing of shooting success with or without a spotting scope or binoculars. They add an ease of scoring and contribute to the fun of firearm shooting as well an opportunity to sight in weapons for the hunting season.


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