Sitting on the deck of Eddy Creek Marina (1-800-626-2300), my home for the past five days, it is kind of a melancholy evening. Two excellent fishing trips today are over as is the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Annual Spring Cast & Blast event. I am joined by John Mazurkiewicz of Shimano and GLoomis with whom I have been fishing the past few hours.

This afternoon of bass fishing with guide Rodger Lutz (RodgerLutz@Att.Net) has offered John and I a chance to renew old times and discuss the rods of GLoomis and reels from Shimano that we have been trying out. This evening as we wait for the final dinner of the event our discussion turned to the tackle.

John and Rodger are better fishermen than me. They used bait casting rods and reels and discuss the merits of each product. John set me up with a spinning rod from GLoomis line called NRX Bass Spinning. The reel loaded with Power Pro line is from the Shimano Stella FE line. Lest I risk dropping it overboard, John cautioned me that I was holding about a thousand dollars worth of equipment.

The cost thunder-struck me. Tonight as we relax before dinner, I ask John why people would pay such an amount for a rod, reel and line.

John explains that all rod and reel companies are now making species and technique specific products. This is in response to user demand for the best rod to meet their needs. The different designs and lengths of rods aid in the angler’s fishing performance.

Rods are designed to provide us with the advantage through performance and feature enhancement. They do so though the material and design of the rods. They have shaky head rods, drop shot rods, swimbait rods, etc. In each of these categories there are species specific rods such as those for: bass, muskie, crappie, etc. The same applies in looking at the reel designs.

“Rods and reels come in all price ranges and these days they are all good,” says John. “You get what you pay for.” He stresses that fishermen should buy the best tackle they can afford. In the upper price ranges there is added technology and refinement that makes them cost more to produce.

John’s advice is to buy good tackle but do not break the bank on one rod and reel. Save some money for top quality line and lures.

With that it is dinner time. I will be headed back home in the morning. My week of Cruising Kentucky is about over. I shall return.


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