CRUISING KENTUCKY – DAY 5   2 comments

The weather is cloudy and windy with intermittent drizzle when we pull away from the dock at Eddy Creek Marina. A cold fast trip upriver to a secluded cove is made in the bass boat of guide Rodger Lutz. Also in the boat is John Mazurkiewicz from Shimano and GLoomis. John is a long time friend and fishing partner.

As we turn into the cove the wind drops and the sun comes out. Is it a sign of better things to come?

Quickly I am rigged up with some high end tackle in the form of a medium action NRX bass rod from GLoomis and Shimano Stella FE spinning reel with Power Pro braided line in the form of 20 pound test with the diameter of 8 pound test line. The quality of this rig is immediately apparent when I make my first retrieve. I can feel every rock and branch as I pull my soft craw rigged on a 4/0 hook across them. The sensitivity is amazing.

“Every piece of technology available from Shimano goes into the reel,” explains John. The rod and reel combination costs in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars. “It is not a rod for everyone,” explains Mazurkiewicz “but if you can afford it the rod will aid your fishing performance.” Design elements of this top line rod also go into all the other rods made by the company. Most are at a lesser cost.

I ask John to explain how one should shop for a reel. He explains that reels come in all price ranges and most are good for the average angler. Mazurkiewicz recommends you do not break the bank buying a good reel. Rather you should save some money for other tackle.

You do get what you pay for when shopping in the upper price ranges. Those reels have added technology and refinement. He explains that one’s first consideration is what species of fish you are seeking. That is, what is the right size reel for the fish you intend to catch?

A second consideration is whether you want a spinning reel or a bait cast reel. Most fish can be caught with either one. However, certain baits and lures work better with one or the other. As an example John points out that throwing a crankbait or spinnerbait, works better with a bait cast reel.

The next step is to examine the drag of the reel. Is it a good one? This leads into the construction and design of the reel. What is the reel made of? It is made so it will be durable?

Gear ratios are important is selecting a reel. Here the type of lure you want to use comes into the factors. Slack baits like soft plastics and jigs require a slack line approach. High speed retrieve for tension baits such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits are better used with a gear ration of 5 to 1 or 5 to 2. These are lower speed retrieves.

John explains that choosing a reel can be as simple or as complicated and one would like. His philosophy is to purchase the best quality for your money and what you can afford.


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