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The plastic worm is probably the most versatile type of artificial lure. You can work it in all types of conditions and anywhere you travel. It can be customized with a slip sinker. More importantly it is inexpensive. You can take $5 and buy some hooks, weights and worms that will take you along way. That same $5 might just get you a single crankbait.

Here are five tips for the worm angler. A sense of feel is the bottom line with worm fishing. To get the optimum feel, a graphite rod of 6 to 7 feet in length and in the medium to medium heavy class, is recommended. The heavy style rod helps in setting the hook since with a Texas rig the point must not only go through the fish’s jaw but also through the plastic worm.

In setting the hook drop your rod and take up any slack line. It is important to be on your toes as far as feeling the strike.

The worm can be rigged either Texas style or Carolina rigged. Both can be used with or without a weight. The lighter rig can be twitched in shallow water making the lure more lifelike.

In choosing line size let the conditions dictate your choice. Let water depth, clarity and the amount of cover that is around where the fish are located decide your choice of line. Normal line size for bass anglers is usually 14-pound test.

As for lure color selection one should stick to four or five basic colors. Use the same basics everywhere you fish. .

All too often people get caught up in color and shades. In low water conditions use a solid color that is dark. In water with a lot of clarity use worms that are a bit more transparent. The theory is that in clear water you will not get that vivid contrast that might spook fish. If the worm is somewhat transparent it does not project a distinct silhouette on the bottom to scare the fish.

A final tip is that you cannot fish a worm too slowly. When you think you are fishing slowly, slow down. When you fish slowly, you begin to feel things that you might miss with faster retrieves. If you get to the point where you cannot feel the worm then go to a little bit heavier weight. You should add just enough weight to be able to feel that worm.

When working a worm it is important to use short strokes of one to two feet at a time. This will attract the attention of less aggressive fish that would not move very far to strike a worm moving faster and farther.

Although best in summer, the worm can be fished all year around.


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  3. Very informative. Tips that were mentioned above can be a big help for people who would like to catch a lot of fish. Thank you very much for the information.

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