I received the following information from Mike Walker, The Walker Agency. His cutting edge knowledge of the outdoor market and products has been a great deal of help to me over the years. It was he who turned me on a number of years ago to the ZipVac system for packaging fish and game. It seems that groceries are not the only thing this product protects.

Dust and rust are two of the biggest problems outdoor enthusiasts have after cleaning expensive firearms and other gear. ZipVac now offers a variety of vacuum packaging bags to help prevent damage to gear.

The King Fillet bag, which measures 14”x30”, can accommodate an AR-15 sporting rifle when broken down into two sections. Place the two cleaned sections of the rifle in the bag and use the rechargeable or manual evacuation pumps to extract rust-causing air and prevent dust and fuzz from settling on the parts, gumming the works. The same approach applies to compasses, handguns, knives, GPS units, fishing reels and the like. A variety of bag sizes ensures the right one is available for the best fit.

More tips on how to get the best use out of the ZipVac vacuum system check out their website at: The ZipVac is available on line or at leading outdoor stores.



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  1. We currently have 5 sizes available in our ZIPVAC outdoor vacuum sealing product line. There is the quart, gallon, jumbo (2.0 gal) fillet and King fillet refill packages. There are also 2 pumps available for these bags, the manual pump which will find just about anywhere and the rechargeable pump which will last up to approximately 150 evacuations per charge. Please visit our website for more information

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