Pontoon boats have shed their “party barge” image and moved into the mainstream as family recreation craft.  They are found towing water skiers, or serving as a water-based RV campers.  The most popular change is the pontoon boat as a fishing craft. 

With the addition of a few accessories they are an economical and practical craft that expand outdoor recreation capabilities. 

The shallow draft of pontoon boats allows one to move into fishable shallows for angling action. 

A stable craft, pontoon boats transcend problems with the wake of other boats, potential currents, or windy conditions.  All are factors that cause difficulties. 

The stabile large deck areas and comfortable amenities make pontoon boats a natural for teaching children to fish.  It is a safe environment in which they can move around and take rests from the “work” of fishing.  Young children often have short attention spans.  They can bring along toys and other things to occupy the slow times between bites.  Ice chests, either mounted or carried onto the craft, can be used to store water, soft drinks, and snacks.  Some pontoon boats also have portable toilets.

 Manufacturers offer fishing packages with some models.  Packages include such amenities as: live wells, fishing chairs, anchor boxes and mounts for trolling motors and fish/depth finders.  Convenient rod holders secure poles out of the way when not in use. 

Many of these features are also available as after market items. 

Fishing patterns vary from sedentary pole and line or jug fishing to more active bass angling styles.  The versatility of the pontoon boat is enhanced by the four-stroke engines.  The quiet performance of the four stroke engine allows the angler to approach potential fishing areas while reducing the chances of spooking fish. 

To approach fishing water quietly it is advisable to cut the motor and cruise into an area.  It is important to keep the boat away from the bank that one intends to fish.  By anchoring and then casting to the bank fisherman do not spook tightly grouped fish.  By working the edges of the location first, then moving toward the center fan casting, the lure is kept from spooking fish in the potential strike zone.

 Boats to be used for fishing should have two anchors.  By placing anchors at each end of the boat the position of the boat can be controlled.  One anchor leaves open the possibility of the boat swinging into the strike zone of the fish.  It is important that anchors be lowered slowly into the water to reduce disturbance of the fish. 

In a river situation one anchors downstream of the intended fishing location.  Fish face into the current that brings them food.  By casting into the current and allowing the bait to float downstream a natural food presentation fish are accustomed to seeing is simulated. 

On windy days anchor the bow into the wind and pointing toward the water to be fished.  It allows for greater boat control.  The same applies to underwater currents that might be encountered. 

Fishing from pontoon boats may be different.  If done correctly it can be equally as efficient as other methods from more traditional fishing craft.


Posted 04/24/2011 by Donald Gasaway in Boats

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  1. Pontoon Boats are very popular these days on lakes and often referred to as “party boats” since they are great for cruising in calm waters and allow lots of people on board for casual fun in the sun.I also love this.

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  3. I found there are many great Pontoon Boat accessories available that make the day on my pontoon boat far more enjoyable. I like the Fishing Rod Holders, Cup Holders, and Lantern Holders that I found at Gifts By Kaz. They attach to the railings on the pontoon boat without any tools or drilling. Very sturdy and built in the USA. Here is the link


  4. I love fishing from my pontoon boat, it’s all the things you mentioned, stable, comfortable with lots of room, and a shallow draught for getting into the little places where the fish sometimes are. The beauty of a pontoon boat is that when you are not fishing they make a great party boat or just a nice stable boat for a cruise around the lake on a hot day. I’ve had several boats over the years and I have to say the pontoon boat is among the best, if not the best !!

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