I received this press release this morning.  I do not usually reprint press releases but thought this one worthy.  I have heard Kip Adams speak several times and he is very knowlegeable on the subject of deer management and biology.  This organization contain some of the great minds in the field of deer management.  I plan to take this course and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the white-tailed deer.

The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) in partnership with Penn State Cooperative Extension and the Penn State School of Forest Resources Web Seminar Center (http://rnrext.cas.psu.edu/PAForestWeb/) announces the White-tailed Deer Management Webinar Mini-Series.  A series of three webinars will be provided “live” at noon and 7:00 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month beginning in March and running through May.  Each will last approximately one hour. 

The webinars will be presented by QDMA wildlife biologist Kip Adams and wildlife biologist/forester Matt Ross.  They are provided specifically for anyone interested in learning about white-tailed deer biology, habitat, and management.  This is your opportunity to listen to and ask questions of natural resource professionals who have first-hand knowledge and experience in managing white-tailed deer populations and habitat. 

March 15, 2011 – Implementing a Successful Deer Management Program

 Presentation will discuss different deer management strategies and provide real-world examples of how to manage whitetails.  It specifically addresses antlered and antlerless deer management on public land, private land, and on small ownerships.  Presented by Kip Adams, Certified Wildlife Biologist and Northern Director of Education and Outreach, Quality Deer Management Association.

April 19 – White-tailed Deer Breeding Biology and Communication

 Following a year in the life of a whitetail buck this presentation will discuss dispersal, home range, and movement patterns; physical changes a buck experiences from 1.5 years of age to maturity; how deer communicate during the breeding season; and how hunters can use this information to improve their success.  Presented by Kip Adams, Certified Wildlife Biologist and Northern Director of Education and Outreach, Quality Deer Management Association.

May 17 – Providing Quality Habitat for White-tailed Deer

Providing quality habitat for deer of all age classes is essential for any successful deer management program.  This presentation will discuss vegetation management from a forest, old field and food plot perspective, and explain how each fits into an overall habitat management plan providing the necessary food and cover for each season of the year.  Presented by Matt Ross, Certified Wildlife Biologist, Licensed Forester, and Certifications Program Manager, Quality Deer Management Association.

Live seminars are at noon and again at 7 p.m.  To participate in the live seminars you must register and have a “Friend of Penn State” user ID.  This is FREE and the “Register Now” page on the website will walk you through this process.  Each session is recorded and loaded onto the Web Seminar Center along with a copy of the presentation and any handout materials.  So, if you are unable to participate in the “live” session, a recording of it will be available for you to view at your convenience.  Of course, none of the interactive elements will be available when watching the recording. 

Participation in the web seminar does not require any special software.  To view live and previously recorded seminars all you need is a high-speed Internet connection and sound.

To register and take part in the live seminars or to view previously recorded webinars visit http://rnrext.cas.psu.edu/PAForestWeb/.



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  2. Trying to click on the http:// below and it will not allow me to register for the live web seminar.

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