I have “borrowed” the following from the blog of my good friend TJ Stallings.  He and others are producing this on line magazine.  I know Tim and TJ and they are two of the most knowledgable crappie fishermen around.  You can get the orginal of this message from TJ’s blog by clicking on his name in the left hand column of this blog.

New magazine is a vision of three anglers that are also in the fishing industry. Pro angler, Dan Dannenmueller builds fishing related websites and is the publisher. Crappie expert Tim Huffman is the senior writer and publisher of six crappie-fishing books. Co-publisher, TJ Stallings is a 40-year veteran of the tackle industry.

All three shared their ideas and it quickly became a vision of a publication for today’s angler.

The vision statement is simple. Provide a free, monthly publication for crappie anglers’ pleasure, knowledge, and success. Crappie NOW is an on-line magazine that will feature: * Timely articles about how to fish for crappie, NOW * Feature articles by some of the best writers in the country. * Destination articles will help you plan your next fishing vacation. * Interactive articles with links to photos and more information. * You will see tournament coverage, not just for the major trails but also for your regional crappie clubs and organizations. * A calendar of events from tournaments to seminars will be a monthly feature.

Our objective is not to compete with printed crappie publications. They do a great job. We’re more about the “NOW” apsect of Crappie fishing, every month. I had no idea that three anglers from three backgrounds could bring so much talent to the table. Each issue will get bigger and better. I think of this as “your” magazine more than “ours”. Please let us know how we’re doing. Blessings, TJ


Posted 02/28/2011 by Donald Gasaway in Freshwater Fishing

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  1. Don,
    Wow, thank you for your kind words. I’m blushing!

  2. Could we get some in-depth information on how to proper set fish finders to find structure and exactly what to look for. I think I have mine tuned pretty good, but unless I know “What fine tuned is, I wouldn’t know.”

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