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Most of today=s trout in have been introduced.   Some areas have natural reproduction resulting in “wild trout.”  Most trout stocks do have to be supplemented from time to time.  Regardless, the trout is a fine game fish that is both sporting and a beautiful fish to see. 

Fish stocked into the bodies of water where natural reproduction is not possible tend to be just as likely to respond to fly fishing equipment.  They are fierce battlers requiring knowledge of how to entice them.  One way, according to Vernon Summerlin is to Give Them Groceries. 

The trout stocked into the waters of a creek, campground or state park are hatchery raised.  As such they are not skilled in finding the natural forage.  They soon will become accustomed to the food provided by the waters. 

Success for anglers varies from one individual to another.  Even sometimes lined up elbow to elbow along the shore some anglers will catch their limit.  Others will not catch a thing.  In some areas trout receive heavy fishing pressure.  As the numbers of fishermen thin out so do the numbers of fish taken. 

So what is the perfect bait for those trout?  Vernon Summerlin says it is to Agive them groceries.@  His theory is that since hatchery-raised trout are fed pellets, once released, they are soon the least selective feeders. 

Biologists tell us that rainbow trout can taste salt, sweet, bitter, and sour as do humans.  They are the only game fish that will respond to sugar and only when it is in high concentrations.  That explains why they like marshmallows.  

Tastes that are commonly found in living tissue cause trout to respond.  This explains why they like minnows, maggots, mealworms, nightcrawlers and worms. 

AWe know the colors of red, orange and pink appeal to trout,@ says Vernon.  AThese are the colors of one of their favorite foodsBfish eggs.@  In his experience, Summerlin used pimentos as a sight food since they are red.  But, they did not prove to catch fish.

Among the baits found in grocery stores are such things as marshmallows, corn, and shrimp that have been frozen and then thawed.  Cheese is a proven trout catcher.  All these items will catch fish.  Some other foods sometimes recommended that do not produce fish with regularity are: canned shrimp, oysters, clams and Beenee Weenies. 

Summerlin recommends using a Number six hook with a size seven split shot on four-pound test line.  The terminal tackle is suspended under a float for deep pools in calm water.  In more active waters Vern uses a modified Carolina rig.  It has a hook tied to one end of 18 inches of four-pound line with a barrel swivel at the other end.  A 1/8th-ounce egg sinker placed on the line above the barrel swivel.  This allows a fish to take the bait without feeling the resistance of the weight. 

Corn seems to be the best of the groceries for stocked rainbow trout.  A small piece of marshmallow can be added to the hook to keep it off the bottom. 

When you go out in search of trout, remember some groceries in addition to your worms, nightcrawlers and artificial lures.


Posted 01/31/2011 by Donald Gasaway in Freshwater Fishing

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