“I am definitely into throwing swimbaits because it is a big bait, it is a big bite, and big fish,” so says Ish Monroe, national tournament pro.  Although he makes his home in California, Ish grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan fishing the nearby lakes. 

Swimbaits are large life-like plastic lure that range is sizes from 4 inches up to 12 inches in length.  The key to these popular baits is their natural look, even when fished slow and up close.  Their action when fished erratically appeals to the bass natural aggression.  Big bass do not peck at a bait, they inhale it. 

Swimbaits have been popular out in California for about 15 years.  Guys just began to talk about it these last 4 or 5 years. 

“Basically you fish the swimbait like you would a fluke or a crankbait,” says Monroe.  “You want to fish it slow.”  He adds that sometimes likes to fish it fast.  There are so many different things you can do with it.  Monroe explains that in some ways it is almost like fishing a spinnerbait.  “You don’t sit there and try to slam the hook into the fish.  You let it load the rod like you do with crankbaits and just pressure set the hook.”  

Monroe sometimes throws it out and winds it in or he will throw it out and burn it back.  

Monroe lets conditions dictate how to retrieve it.  In the early spring you want to make sure you slow roll it around the beds because the big females are up there.  They are looking to start spawning and they want to eat a big bait for the high protein.  As the post spawn and spawn go on you want to start burning it.  Especially in the post spawn.  Monroe wants to burn it on top like a buzz bait.  

“I probably have 20 different colors of swimbaits,” exclaims Ish.  “If I had to pick one color it would be the Millennium 3 which is a basic trout pattern.”  He maintains that you can use it anywhere in the country, even if there are no trout in the lake.  It looks like a rainbow trout. 

Another recommendation by Monroe is the hot Eagle bait (made by California Custom Worms) that is popular in the Baby E.  It is a five inch swimbait.  It is just the perfect size for throwing like a spinnerbait.  Their website is:   There are also sevens and nines which are great if you have a big forage in the lake.  A lot of people are afraid to throw swimbaits so that five inch is the perfect size with which to start.  You can throw it on your standard crankbait rod and catch fish.  

The one thing about a swimbait is all you have to do is throw it.  Anywhere you would fish a spinnerbait you can fish a swimbait.


Posted 01/28/2011 by Donald Gasaway in Freshwater Fishing

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